The Ultimate Whitening Set ...Prep , Whiten, Maintain 

Deluxe Whitening Kit 

Trio Whitening Booster Set 

Top Up Whitening Pen 

+ A Free Gift 

The Ultimate Whitening Gift Bundle

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  • The ULTIMATE Whitening Set!

    You can Prep, Whiten and Maintain your incredible bright smile with ease.


    The Deluxe Whitening Kit

    • LED device
    • 2 x whitening gel syringes - a 12 month supply
    • 1 x remineraliser gel syringe, to strengthen and condition enamel
    • gum tray (universal size)

    Trio Whitening Booster Set 

    • Whitening foam 50ml
    • Whitening Booster Afterspray 30ml
    • Silk fibre toothbrush

    Top Up Whitening Pen 2.5ml

    Perfect whitening convenience, just pop it in your bag or pocket and whiten on the go.

    + A Free Gift 

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