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  • What is the Smile Bright Teeth Whitening Kit and how does it work?
    The Smile Bright Whitening Kit is a home teeth whitening system, designed to whiten and brighten teeth effectively, gently, naturally and without creating sensitivity. Out peroxide-free formula uses natural mineral based formulas to whiten, dissolve stains, strengthen teeth enamel and protect against sensitivity. Our LED Plasma Light accelerates the whitening process for even faster results.
  • How often will I use it?
    We recomment using the gel every day, consecutively, for 10-14 days, or until you reach the colour you want. Then just once a week to maintain your bright smile.
  • Will using the kit cause sensitivity
    No! We have specially developed our formulas in tandem with our laboratory partners to ensure that you will not encounter any sensitivity.
  • Does it work on Crowns & Veneers?
    Yes! Our formula will clean and polish crowns and veneers to bring them back to their original colour, but will not whiten them.
  • Do I need to mould the tray
    No! Our mouth tray is made of scilicon so it's super flexible to fit any mouth shape or size.
  • What are your shipping and return processes
    Shipping Policy ​ Place your order before 4pm and we'll ship the same day by Royal Mail, First Class. ​ Return & Exchange Policy ​ Due to the nature of the products as oral care, please contact us if you would like to return or exchange a product:


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