The clear Whitening Gel contains  NON - Peroxide.   Natural based formulas  EU REGULATED.

It should only be used in conjunction with a Smilebright tooth whitening kit, using  mouth trays. Do not over fill trays.

We do not recommend this product to be used  by children under 14 years old, and if you have bleeding gums.or  people with orthodontic braces.


Keep refrigerated.



Smilebright - home teeth whitening kits ... Infused with Luminous whitening Particles & Plasma Accelerator.

Award Winning professional cosmetic oral care 

No sensitivity 

100%  safe to teeth & gums 

Cruelty Free 


Every day our teeth are attacked by organic molecules and bacteria that cause  yellowing, stains, and bad breath.

Our New Formula goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten and give that dazzling white smile that last! 


All our products  are EU regulated  and FDA  Approved  




Frequently asked questions

Does it cause sensitivity?

No, our formula has been specially developed to ensure that you will not encounter any sensitivity.

Does this work on crowns or veneers?

Our formula will clean and polish crowns and veneers and bring them back to the original colour, but will not whiten them.

Do I need to mould the gum tray?

No, our mouth tray is made of sciliconso it's super flexible to fit any mouth shape or size.

How many times do I need to use the kit to see the results?

We recomment using the gel every day, consecutively, for 10-14 days and then once a week to maintain.



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